Property prices for rent in Manila (Metro Manila)

The rent prices in real estate in Manila, in the Metro Manila region have slightly fallen in the last couple of months. There has been a fall in the rent prices in this city.

₱ 23,805.67
Average price last 6 months
₱ 646.93
Price/m² last 6 months
Average price per m2

The price per m² in Manila has fallen during the last 6 months. In March, the average price per m² was ₱ 700.5. In April this price barely changed remaining at ₱ 685.87 per m². In the following two months the price per m² has practically remained the same, going from ₱ 693.18 to ₱ 671.09 per m². The price per m² has had a considerable fall of 85 % in the last two months compared to the average price for the previous four months. This was obtained by comparing the first four months of the period going from a price per m² of ₱ 682.14 to ₱ 576.51 during July, and August.

Average price

When referring to the price in Manila (cities), there have hardly been any changes in the last 6 months. In our first sample month during March, the average price is ₱ 23,194. In April This price remains at ₱ 24,323. During the following two months (May, June) the price has had an average rise from ₱ 23,758.5 to ₱ 25,198.5. During the last two months, the average price has fallen with regard to the previous ones. To be precise it has fallen 92 %, going from ₱ 24,478.5 to ₱ 22,460 in July and August.

Average price per bedrooms

The graph displaying the average rent price for bedrooms illustrates that those properties with 1 bedroom are the most affordable ones. At a price of ₱ 22,808 they are 32 % more affordable than the average price for Manila . The properties with the highest average price have 3 bedrooms, Their price is 140 % more expensive than the average. After that we have properties with 4 bedrooms priced at ₱ 48,200.

With regard to the average price per m², those properties with 4 bedrooms are the most affordable ones at a cost of ₱ 393.28 / m², with an average ₱ 587.04 / m² price in Manila. The properties with the most expensive average prices have 2 bedrooms. They are 15 % more expensive than the average followed by properties with 1 bedroom with a price at ₱ 629.03 / m².

Price per property type

The graph displaying the average rent prices displays the property type "Apartment" as the most affordable one. At an cost of ₱ 22,808 it is 20 % more affordable than the average price in Manila. "Townhouse" is seen as the second most affordable property type. The most expensive property type is "House" followed by "Commercial Lot". At a price of ₱ 47,799 it is 247 % more expensive than the average price.

According to the average cost per m², the most affordable property is "Townhouse" at an average price of ₱ 132.99 / m² followed by "Commercial Lot" priced at ₱ 217.45 / m². "Condominium" is the most expensive type of property with a ₱ 668.94 / m² value followed by "House And Lot" with an average price of ₱ 664 / m².

Charts data
Average price August
Average price per m² August
Number of properties used in Manila
Number of properties used in region Metro Manila
₱ 22,808
₱ 587.04
** Graph's data with null or zero value are due to there isn't enough data available to get a reliable value